Thias and I went to Copenhagen, Denmark in winter of 2017 and it was pretty cold! That’s why we spent 80% of the week inside museums and restaurants.

(We were actually just going to copenhagen to look if we could spot Rangleklods on the streets *esben fan gurl mode on* hahaha)

First we visited the art museum ‘Glyptotek’, which has a beautiful variety of art in an incredibly stunning building.

The next day we went to a little theme park right in the heart of Copenhagen called ‘Tivoli‘, where you can get food and ride rollercoasters etc if you purchase extra tickets. It was definitely worth just visiting it in winter because there where so many beautiful lights and the atmosphere was such a winter wonderland!

While exploring we found a stunning old church!

On the last day we went to europes biggest aquarium ‘Den Blå Planet‘. This was (besides all the god damn kids there) probably one of my favourite places in Copenhagen…I just love to stare at fish lollolz

Thias would call this ‘goofy schnuff’

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