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Top 10 Vegan Foods In London

Y’all know that I am in love with vegan food and kawaii things, so I thought it would be good to show you where to get all the good stuff in my favourite city London!
I mainly focused on restaurants when it comes to the food and indie brand botiques and vintage secondhand shops for the kawaii stuff.
Let me know in the comments if you have some places for me, that I should check out the next time I’m in London.


Tokyo Diner

A traditional japanese restaurant in the heart of Soho, Tokyo Diner’s vegan soba soup is insanely good and not too expensive. They have very friendly staff and a good variety of fresh dishes.


Some people consider this one of the best vegan restaurants worldwide and I can definitely understand the hype. The restaurant itself is very beautiful & narrow, which gives you proper London vibes. The dishes are not inspired by a certain region or culture, that’s why you can get (super tasty) chicken burger with gyozas and fries.

Doughnut Time & Crosstown Doughnuts

I LOVE DOUGHNUTS!! Literally the most fancy, tasty & extra vegan doughnuts I’ve ever had! Doughnut Time & Crosstown both have a huge variety of vegan options from heavy chocolatey ones to rose flavour (my all time favourite) and can be found in Camden, Soho etc.

Gallery Café

Definitely the underdog of this list, fully vegan gallery café can be found in Londons east end and offers the best vegan breakfast but also a beautiful selection of to-go sandwiches and fresh pressed juices

super tasty english breakfast from gallery café

KERB street food market

Located close to Camden’s stables market, KERB market is a heaven for vegans (even though not everything is vegetarian/vegan). We found vegan fish tacos, burritos, hot dogs, cookies etc..

Naked Dough

Who didn’t love eating dough until you feel sick as a kid? Naked Dough can be found in Camden Stables Market and has plenty vegan options. Delicious!


Ichiba is a japanese market in Shepherd’s Bush and is connected to Westfield Shopping Centre (which is insanely huge!!). They offer normal kitchenware, to go food, candy and have a restaurant in the middle of the market, where you can get takoyaki, ramen, sushi etc. We got the soymilk white sesame ramen, which is vegan and really good!

White Sesame Ramen with soymilk

Greenwich Street Food Market

Greenwich is probably my favourite place in whole London. A.) because I am literally obsessed with time, clocks etc and Greenwich is the official zero meridian and has the Royal Observatory (which is basically a museum for clocks!) and B.) because their street food market is one of the best I’ve ever visited!

PHO Soho

Listen… Phở is my second favourite food after sushi. That’s why I wanted some Phở for my birthday. We accidentally found PHO soho on google maps and hoped they would have some vegan option and oh boy…they did! Second best vegan pho I’ve ever had in my life (best was in Berlin) and SO TASTY I wanted to order another bowl after I finished mine. LOL

Vegan Phở bowl with some added mushrooms

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