Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Top 5 Cruelty Free Semi-Permanent Hair Colours

It took me years and years to find my favourite brands! I hope this little list can help you find the right brand for your colourful hair journey!

Arctic Fox has been my favourite since I first used them a few years ago. Their colour range is very unusual, which I love because I am always on a hunt for very unique colours. Their formula is long-lasting and smells like bubblegum! The dyes are a little bit more on the expensive site but they usually last me longer and I never have to use such huge amounts, that I would normally use. You can order their colour online on their website, even though shipping and customs might add some coins to your invoice. Other than that it’s safe to say that you help animals with every cent you spend .

my favourite colour ‘Violet Dream’ (beautiful name)
  •  Long-Lasting Semi-Permanent Color
  • 15% Donated to Stop Animal Cruelty
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Non-GMO Plant Based Protein
  • Added Conditioner
  • Made In the USA

A brand that has been around since 1977! It was also the first colour that I ever put on my hair (it was obviously the purple) back in 2007 when I first bleached my hair. Crazy color is still used in amazing salons worldwide, such as ‘Not Another Salon’ on Londons Brick Lane (I wish I’d have the money to get my hair done by them ;__;). Heavily long-lasting and good value, this product sticks to your hair like glue (I tried to remove my peacock blue a few weeks ago and it was just not happening). Order their products either on their website or from Colours Hamburg, if you are from Germany (they have a huge variety of brands and the best prices)!

‘Lime Twist’

Usually called ‘DIrections’, it’s one of europes most popular colourful semi-permanent hair dyes. Directions is also the dye that I have the most experience with, since I’ve used this dye for a long time during my scene phase lol. It has a very creamy consistency, which makes it easy to apply on your own and also gives you better value, since it is not so watery and very pigmented. Easy to order on their website or at colours hamburg (germany)

one of the best colours imo ‘Fluroscnet Glow’,
which glows in the dark and shifts, depending on the light, from neon green to neon yellow

Probably the brand with the most unique colour options, Lime Crime started to sell their cruelty free hair dyes in late 2016, based on the request of their fans that they should sell the signature hair colour of Lime Crime founder Doe Deer, which Lime Crime later advertised as ‘Pony’. This colour was actually the reason for me to start growing my hair back, after several years of shaved hair. Lime Crime colours do not necessarily last a long time, since they focus more on fading to beautiful pastel tones. These dyes are definitely more on the pricey side because of it’s very watery consistency. Can be purchased on their website and on dollskill

most beautiful hair dye shade ever: ‘pony’

I purchased stargazer hair dyes the first time in 2010, because I was looking for a more blue toned bright pink and found this brands ‘Magenta’ in Camden in London, so I thought I should give it a go. I was instantly in love with how bright the colour turned out and even after several weeks of daily washing my hair it still remained bright af, even though I used one box on my long hair, the price was only 4 pounds, which makes stargazer a good brand for people on a budget. Can be purchased on their website or on colours hamburg (germany). Google the colours to get better colour references, since the colours shown on the website are displayed way too contrastless.

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