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Beauty Tools That Are Worth Their Money

A lot of people don’t struggle with finding the right foundation, blush or lipstick but more with applying and removing those products properly!

Beauty Blender

Y’all probably already know that Beautyblenders exists. BUT I still wanted to feature it because it is literally my favourite (and only) way to apply foundation smoothly. Just make sure that you always use it damp and wash it after every use to avoid bacteria.

Original BeautyBlender found at Sephora or Beautybay

Power Pocket Puff

THIS ladies and gentlemen and everyone inbetween is my new favourite beauty tool. EVER! BeautyBlenders Power Pocket Puff is perfect for baking and applying setting powder. It has a fuffly fabric, which helps to apply the right amount of powder and has a silicone sponge underneath, that helps to tap the product into the skin evenly. It is also very soft and well-made. 10/10 would recommend!

Power Pocket Puff by BeautyBlender found at Sephora and BeautyBay

Solid Brush and Sponge Cleanser

I rarely see people talking about cleaning their brushes and sponges, which makes me a little uncomfortable considering how much bacteria lives on the human skin, that we then rub into a damp bacteria-friendly beautyblender. To clean your brushes with little plastic waste just switch to a solid soap cleanser! Super easy to use and will also always be hygenic, since bacteria simply can’t grow on solid soap.

Solid Brush and Sponge Cleanser with small silicone mat by BeautyBlender

Eyelash Applicators

Eyelash applicators are way safer than actual tweezers, since they don’t have any harsh edges that could do serious damage to your eyes while applying false lashes. They don’t only help you with applying lashes to your natural lashband but also blending the false into the natural lashes for a more even and natural look. Many brands such as Tarte and Sigma sell these. I still think Skinnydips version is just best value.

Eyelash Applicator by SkinnyDip found on BeautyBay

Depotting Spatulas

If you are into creating your own eyeshadows or mixing some face paint for your next look, consider purchasing depotting spatulas. They are a very handy and hygenic must-have for every make-up lover.

Depotting Spatulas by Z Palette found on BeautyBay

Magnetic Palettes

The more make-up you accumulate over the years, the more you will struggle to A.) actually use all of your palettes and B.) store the 72763 palettes properly. A simple solution is a magnetic palette, that you can customize yourself by depotting the pans of your old palettes and clicking them into one of the magnetic ones. This will not only save you a lot of space in your make-up drawer, but will also encourage you to use all the amazing highlighters, eyeshadows and glitters, that you usuallyforget about.

Magnetic Palette by Z Palette found on BeautyBay

Hair Wrap

Hair wraps are one of the best inventions ever! Fight me! No seriously..they are so handy and comfortable, I literally have no clue how I managed to survive without them for so long. You can open them up in the front, place around your neck, push your hair back and then just close the wrap again. Made out of microfibre, they will soak up any excess foundation while applying make-up or water while washing your face. No more wet fringes and make-up coated hair. LOVE IT!

Hair Wrap by Face Halo found on their website

Reusable Face Cleanser

Come’s 2019. Literally no one needs disposable cotton rounds anymore. Just buy some reusable make-up remover and become a zero-waste god/goddess! They are super easy to use because they only need water to deep clean your skin and can be used up to 500 times, which also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Reusable Make Up Remover by Face Halo found on their website

Face Charts

Face charts are a good way to either visualize or create a make-up look. It helps you to show a make-up idea to a friend or customer; give you an idea on how to use your new purchased make-up products or just to let your creative juices flow, when you don’t have to time or option to put make-up on your face.

Face Charts by MYKITCO. found on BeautyBay

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