Manga Of The Week

Atelier Of Witch Hat (Tongari Boushi no Atelier)

Being the debut manga of Kamome Shirahama, Witch Hat Atelier was published in October 2018 (Germany) and is one of the most unique and beautiful magic/fantasy concepts I’ve ever seen.

Still running with 4 volumes published to this date

What it’s about:
Coco, a girl living in a small village, had been dreaming of becoming a magician since little. But people who don’t know how to use magic since birth are unable to become magicians, or witness the moment magic occurs.
But one day, Coco accidentally saw Qifrey, a magician that was visiting the village casting a spell using magical ink. This is a magical story that had fallen upon a girl, weaved by despair and hope.

Magician Qifey uses magical ink to make this spells come to live

You get: extraodinary beautiful illustrations that remind me of classic ink illustration (the type of illustration I love), a magnificent world building, cute and diverse characters and a very well-thought-out idea of magic.

I would recommend this if: you are interested in fantasy and magical tales, love ink illustrations with a vintage vibe and are a fan of clever world building. This is the perfect manga to relax and drift into another world.

the level of detail that mangaka Shirahama put into her work is breathtaking

Where to buy: Amazon has a book and a cheaper digital kindle version

Rating: 9,5/10 would recommend

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