Vegan Food

Perfect Scrambled Tofu

Look no further for the perfect vegan scrambled tofu recipe, because I trial and error tested everything for the last 5 years and I can tell you I finally created it! No additional fat, super low carb, vegan and even with a few healthy veggies.

Feel free to download & print the recipe (PDF):

First of all make sure that you buy the right tofu (because there are some really gross ones out there!). I prefer the one from LIDL (in Germany) and Aldi seems to have the only cheap and tasty tofu in whole Australia. Also be smart and buy your Kala Namak at your local asian or indian super market, because you can pay crazy amounts for that salt in regular grocery stores.

It’s literally the best breakfast, low carb dinner or just snack on the go or at work!

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