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To Your Eternity: Fumetsu no anata e

To Your Eternity (Japanese: Fumetsu no anata elit. “To You, the Immortal”) is a manga series written and illustrated by young female mangaka Yoshitoki Ōima, who is also the author of A Silent Voice . It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine since November 9, 2016, with the individual chapters collected and published by Kodansha into 10 tankōbon volumes as of April 2019.

What it’s about: It, a mysterious immortal being, is sent to the Earth with no emotions, physical body nor identity. However, It is able to take the shape of those around that have a strong impetus. At first, It is a sphere. Then, It imitates the form of a rock. As the temperature drops and snow falls atop the moss, It inherits the moss. When an injured, lone wolf comes limping by and lays down to die, It takes on the form of the animal. Finally, It gains consciousness and begins to traverse the empty tundra until It meets a boy. The boy lives alone in a ghost town, which the adults abandoned long ago in search of the paradise said to exist far beyond the endless sea of white tundra. However, their efforts were for naught, and now the boy is in a critical state. Acquiring the form of the boy, It sets off on a never-ending journey, in search of new experiences, places, and people. After dying multiple deaths, he is found in a swamp by March, a young girl aspiring to be a caring mother, chosen to be a sacrifice to appease what they believe to be a rampaging bear spirit. She names the boy “Fushi”, and befriends him, teaching him how to eat and become less feral.

You’ll get: another story masterpiece by Ōima. She is literally the queen of unique topics and storylines. This manga is so different and yet so easy to get into. The worldbuilding is on point as well and I find it really hard to distance myself from the characters struggles and emotions because their feelings and actions are so relateable. This manga teaches you fear, love, will power and selflessness. A true gem.

I would recommend this if: you are a sucker for bow and arrow fantasy worlds (no fuckn ISEKAI!!), since this manga offers a very well tought-out worldbuilding with mystical creatures in it, that simply feels extremely real. It reminds me a lot of the world that Princess Mononoke is set in, so if you love that movie I would totally recommend this manga. To Your Eternity features realistic and sometimes violent images, so be sure that you have no problem with a little bit of blood and gore. Definitely the perfect manga for every lover of fantasy and strong and real emotions.

Deals with the following topics:

  • death
  • isolation
  • hope
  • religious human sacrifices
  • what it means to grow up and becoming an adult
  • responsibilities of human cohabitation
  • sacrificing yourself for the sake of the well-being of loved ones
  • revolting against rules, authorities and religions

Where to buy/read: Easy to purchase at any bookshop (they might need to order it for free for you so you can pick it up next day) or on amazon. There is a hardcopy and a digital kindle version available. Also available on crunchyroll manga.

Rating: 8/10 would recommend

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