Spring Lock/Home Screens

From time to time I like to create my own kawaii but minimalistic lock/home screens for my phone and thought it would be nice to share them with you here as a download. Feel free to use them, but remeber none of the pictures or images is mine, since I got everything from tumblr xx… Continue reading Spring Lock/Home Screens

Vegan Food

Perfect Scrambled Tofu

Look no further for the perfect vegan scrambled tofu recipe, because I trial and error tested everything for the last 5 years and I can tell you I finally created it! No additional fat, super low carb, vegan and even with a few healthy veggies. Feel free to download & print the recipe (PDF): Vegan… Continue reading Perfect Scrambled Tofu

Mental Health

Ways To Fight Insomnia

It seems nearly impossible for the majority of people (especially my generation) to find relaxing sleep at night and they either ignore it or take heavy meds to finally fall asleep and get some much needed rest. I started struggeling with insonmia when I was just a little kid, but it got worse and worse… Continue reading Ways To Fight Insomnia